Site Progress! is coming along nicely! The Attachment and Psychopathology sections are now completely finished and Biopsychology and Research Methods are mostly complete! I’m hoping to have to website completely finished within the next two weeks. Why not follow the psychologyhub Facebook page to receive regular updates on the website progress and to get revision and exam tips daily?

Website Under Construction!

I had a dream…and that dream was to try to make the lives of AS and A level psychology students that little bit easier by offering some notes (written specifically for the AQA psychology course) to help you with your revision. This website is in its early days and I am looking to expand the site quite rapidly by adding all the necessary study notes for the AS and A level paper 1 and 2. Once complete, I aim to add notes for paper 3 (issues and debates in psychology, stress, aggression and gender). From this (hopefully from September 2017) I will be looking to add notes on the remaining paper 3 topics.

In addition to this website, I also run a psychology hub Facebook page in which i frequently update with revision and study tips (proven to work with my own AS and A level psychology students) and offer ‘as the expert’ opportunities in which I take questions from psychology students about the main topics covered on the course/the content that you are struggling with.

In addition to supporting students, I am also passionate about supporting teachers (I know that the life of a teacher is pretty much a juggling act – will we ever achieve that work/life balance?) As a result, in order to support AS and A level psychology teachers, over the courser of the next few weeks, I am to upload some of my teacher resources that have helped me to effectively engage and support my psychology students over the years. In addition to this website, I’ve also set up a psychology teaching hub Facebook page – please follow this page to receive regular updates on resources that I have added to the website and suggestions on effective activities to use when teaching psychology.

To both teachers and AS/A level students – I know we are hitting that busy exam time of year again when the stress and pressure really kicks in! Hold your head up high and look forward, the summer holidays are not so far around the corner 🙂