Paper 1 Teaching Resources

(1) Memory Teaching Resources:

-Characteristics of Memory

Multi-Store Model of Memory

-Working Memory Model

-Models of Memory Assessments

Long Term Memory

-Factors Affecting Memory

– The Cognitive Interview

(2) Attachment Teaching Resources:

-Caregiver-infant Interactions in Humans (Reciprocity and Interactional Synchrony)

Stages of Attachment identified by Schaffer

Multiple Attachments and the Role of the Father

Animal Studies of Attachment

Explanations of Attachment, Learning Theory

Explanations of Attachment, Evolutionary Theory, John Bowlby

Ainsworth’s Strange Situation and Individual Differences in Attachment

Cultural Variations in Attachment, Van Ijzendoorn

Bowlby’s Theory of Maternal Deprivation

The Effects of Institutionalisation:

The Effects of Early Attachment on Childhood and Adult Relationships

(3) Social Psychology Teaching Resources:

– Types of Conformity (Compliance, internalisation, Identification)

-Explanations of Conformity (NSI and ISI)

– Factors affecting conformity as identified in the variations of Asch’s study

-Conformity to Social Roles (Zimbardo’s study)

-Research into Obedience

-Explanations of Obedience

-Situational Variables affecting Obedience (as identified in the variations of Milgram’s study)

-Explanations of Resistance to Social Influence

-Minority Influence

-The Role of Social Influence in the process of Social Change

(4) Psychopathology Teaching Resources: