Learning at Home to Stay Safe!

Hello everyone,

What a crazy and frightening time we’re living in at the moment. We understand that school, college, university etc… may have been cancelled and that lots of our followers are now learning and studying from home. We know that there is a lot of anxiety around exam results and making progress through your course specification and that’s where we can help! For those students returning to study Psychology next year, we are currently updating our website so that it will have a complete set of study notes for the AQA AS and A level Psychology specification. This will allow returning students to continue to work their way through the Psychology course (i.e. the content that you would have covered this year) preventing you from falling behind in your studies. For those students who have teachers who are setting home assignments, use our website to help complete such tasks by using our extensive and detailed course notes. Currently, paper 1 notes are all fully updated and uploaded, paper 2 and paper 3 are in working progress (with two thirds of the notes in these sections updated and uploaded). More work will be completed on the website over the coming week so keep checking back for updates. For instant updates on site progress please follow us on Facebook (Psychologyhub) and/or Twitter (@psychology_hub).

Stay home to stay safe! Take care!

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