Star Words!!⭐️

When the sparkle of Christmas vanished leaving the cold, dull remains of winter, it’s easy to assume that everyone is busy wishing and hoping the appearance of spring would arrive. For most, this is true, the arrival of spring is highly anticipated…unless you’re a student or, for that matter a teacher!

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of stress when thinking about those looming exams and the inevitable revision, extra teaching sessions and mountains of marking! Depressed much? Never mind, at the Psychology Hub headquarters we’re here to share or revision tips and teaching advice to make the exam period fly by with great success (allowing us to focus on that well earned summer break that both teachers and students long so dearly for).

Over the course of the exam months we are going to share exam and revision tips to make the process of exam preparation that little bit more bareable!

Lets start with Star Words!!!

What are they?? 🤔🤔 A great strategy to revise the descriptive content of psychological theories.

How to use Star Words:

(1) write down all keys words linked to the theory
(2) place then in the order that you would use them in a description paragraph of that theory
(3) remember the list of words in that order (much easier than remembering paragraphs of wordy description)
(4) when writing a description paragraph about this theory- write the list of star ⭐️ words at the top of your page
(5) write the description (including every star ⭐️ word – tick the words off as you have included them in your answer
(6) you should have a very detailed AO1 paragraph including all the subject specific vocab!! 🙌🏻😉

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