New Year’s Resolutions and Solutions!

It’s been quiet over at the ‘Psychology Hub.’ Additions to the family and family commitments has meant that the writing of the ‘Psychological word’ has been quite slow. Truth be told however, we’ve missed our Psychology dabbling’s and so are entering 2019 with a bang!! Let our new year’s resolution be your study/teaching solution! An updated website ready for summer exam preparation and a weekly updated blog offering Psychology ramblings from exam support, revision techniques to additional reading, book and film recommendations! Whether your a teacher wanting to inspire your students beyond the classroom or a student wanting to push that extra mile let us support you to become Psychology savvy.

Over the Christmas holidays I have managed to do something that I haven’t managed to do in quite a while – read a book!! Gone are the days when reading a book could be taken for granted. These days reading a book is such a luxury (who knew that toddlers could take up so much of your time?)  The Jigsaw Man (Paul Britton) is the perfect book for people with not a great deal of time on their hands (mainly because the chapters deal with individual crime stories making the book something that is quite easy to dip in and out of).

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When I started reading the book I did find the first few chapters quite difficult to ‘get in to.’ Mainly covering the life and career development of the famous Criminal Psychologist Paul Britton, the initial chapters (for me) were slow moving. Keen to engage with some ‘Psychology’ I was eager to listen to the crimes that Paul Britton had worked on and, how he had applied his knowledge of Psychology to assist police with the arrests of the perpetrators. I found this book very engaging. It deals with some high profile crimes, discusses the difficulties faced by the police in tracking down the criminals and talks in depth about the Psychological methods used to draw up lists of suspects.

A book perfect for anyone with a keen interest in Forensic Psychology, Criminology, Sociology. If there are any Psychology teachers who are feeling the pressure to offer some lunchtime/after school clubs/enrichment – why not use this book and set up your own book club? This book will fascinate students (whilst also encouraging those studying the Forensic Psychology module of the AQA specification to do some additional reading!) This book is perfect for a book club as (in the most part) it is split into chapters covering different cases making it easy to set reading homework tasks and splitting book club meetings into nice digestible chunks.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

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